The dual-track education system is a major achievement in our country and we want to help ensure that it remains so in the future. That is why apprenticeships at Kummler+Matter are so important to us. The apprentices of today give us the premise on which we can continue to release our entrepreneurial energy as well as that of our customers and partners. Therefore Kummler+Matter Ltd. accepts its social responsibility and accompanies you along the way to a successful start in the world of work.

Innovative training is a high priority at Kummler+Matter Ltd. Our apprentices are trained like athletes: expertise, team building, collaboration, communication, problem-solving techniques, dealing with change processes and networked thinking are important key words in our training philosophy.

We offer our apprentices an excellent foundation in vocational training. Because Kummler+Matter places great emphasis on promoting young talent since having highly trained professionals is crucial for the long-term success of the company. Our apprentices are supervised by a co-ordinator and qualified professional trainers who ensure they get a successful start in their careers with sound skills and personal commitment by following a systematic education and training concept.